Todd Tevlin (Webster Groves, MO)


Todd Tevlin (Webster Groves, MO)
ABOUT THE ARTIST Todd Tevlin (St. Louis, Missouri) has been a mixed media digital abstract artist since 2006, and a comic book creator since 2009. Since that time, he's won many awards (from several alternate universes), and people of all ages love him for his sparkling wit and generally sour disposition. Since 2015 he's taught children's drawing classes as a career, and recently started teaching online private classes to kids aged 6-11+ (More info: ABOUT THE ARTWORK The mixed media digital abstract art is created using several layers of photographs heavily manipulated in Photoshop. This process turns the elements into something completely new and different. Much of his art focuses on internal struggles that take place under the surface. Aspects of yourself that you donít notice, or refuse to acknowledge. His goal is to bring a more cerebral point of view that is not just eye candy on a wall.,h_400,c_fill/7a03zwtl5376b1dpg6nw.jpg