Rachel Deist (San Francisco, CA)

Rachel Deist (San Francisco, CA)

San Francisco based artist Rachel Deist has been creating pottery since 1997. Originally a fashion designer, she found herself irresistibly drawn to throwing on the pottery wheel after she took a class at a local college. She finds a meditative quality to the process of throwing because she must be centered in heart, mind, and body before centering a lump of clay on the wheel.


When Rachel took a crystalline glaze workshop a year later, there was no turning back. Working with these mesmerizing glazes, where so many factors can affect the outcome and so many pieces are lost on the road to success, is challenging as well as exciting and addictive.


The vessels Rachel creates are inspired by the simplicity and peace she derives from nature. The glazes she covers them with are achieved only by special formulation and firing techniques. The crystals grow in the glaze as it is melting and cooling in the kiln. The resulting crystals are said to bring joy and happiness and Rachel feels nothing could be better than spreading more of that!

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