Lisa Zahler (Lafayette, OR)


Lisa Zahler (Lafayette, OR)
ARTIST STATEMENT: When I enter my studio,the muse in my mind leads me down a path of creative self-indulgence and exploration (or not). Pixels, vectors, paints, papers, objects (or not). The result: an eclectic collection of artwork, digital or tangible, serene or edgy(or not). Compositions are intricate or simple (or not). Abstract (or not). Worthy (or not). Some are for others, all are for me. ARTIST BIO The young me was crafty. Life ensued, as did a twenty-five-year career as an in-house graphic designer, production artist and writer including my last stint of 10-1/2 years at a big-business company. With money saved, my husband and I said farewell to our corporate gigs and hit the road in our small RV, Jeep in tow, for a six-month hiatus to encourage better health, happiness and a creativity reboot. Ground tread, tiny living, new perspectives. I emerged with renewed focus to make art, offer it and participate in the artisan community. Am now exploring my creative impulses, making stuff out of the ideas, materials and images collected and created over a lifetime.I’ll let ‘whatever’ and ‘however’ happen in the studio, executing ideas and figuring out methods as I go, then share the resulting artwork with those who share my aesthetic vibe. I’m influenced by artists of the world who share their work in exhibitions, fairs and online channels. I personally gravitate toward others’ abstract works of differing techniques and materials. Human creativity never ceases to amaze me.,h_400,c_fill/cdtt90wmwo790yqde5ut.jpg